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Jufeng Compressor Group Co., LTD  
Screw Air Compressor
Variable Speed Screw Air Compressor
Direct Drive Screw Air Compressor
Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor
Atlas Copco Dewate Screw Air Compressor
Atlas Copco Screw Air Compressor (Belt Driven)
Atlas Copco Screw Compressor (Direct Driven)
Oil Free Screw Air Compressor
Portable Screw Air Compressor
Oil Free Silent Air Compressor
Hi-end Piston Air Compressor
Piston Air Compressor
High Pressure Air Compressor
AirHorse Screw Compressor
Direct Driven Screw Compressor
Tank Mounted Screw Compressor
Belt Driven Screw Compressor
Spare Parts of Screw Air Compressor
Air Treatment Equipment
Refrigerated Air Dryer
Adsorption Air Dryer
Air Filter
Air Receiver
Air Compressor Manufacturer in China
Founded in China in 1999,Guangzhou Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Company Ltd.is a manufacturer of high quality air compressor products for customers all over the world.We specialize in the production and export of many air compressors,such as our screw air compressor,Air Horse screw compressor,oil-free screw air compressor,piston air compressor,and air dryers,Jufeng products are perfect for use in the industries of machinery,mining,electronics,electric,medicine,hospital,chemical,food,shipbuilding,and many more.
Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor
The belt drive screw air compressor offers high-efficiency Germany rotary air ends.
It offers double screw with low noise.
It has an elegant compact design and super silenced enclosure.
Direct Drive Screw Air Compressor
The direct drive screw air compressor has a fully open access door to inner parts for easy service.
It offers 100% continuous duty operation and load/no load operation.
It has high quality CE certificate...
Variable Speed Screw Air Compressor
The inverter on a variable speed drive is capable of adjusting the screw air compressor speed to correspond with the air requirements at a given time. A variable speed driven screw air compressor is more effective...
Belt Driven Screw Compressor
The belt driven screw compressor uses GHH air end,which provides highquality air you can rely on to avoid costly downtime and production delays.The robust design ensures your...
Tank Mounted Screw Compressor
The tank mounted screw compressor offers energy efficient operation.
It offers 5 micron,water-resistant air filtration material.
The air compressor has CE and UL certificate,and ISO standard is...
Oil Free Screw Air Compressor
The oil free screw air compressor offers clean compressed air,economically producted.
The air is 100% oil-free compressed air.
It offers maximum flexibility through variable and fixed speed.
Hi-end Piston Air Compressor
The hi-end piston air compressor is used in oil refineries,gas pipelines,
chemical plants,natural gas processing plants and refrigeration plants.One specialty application is the blowing of plastic bottles made of...
Piston Air Compressor
The piston air compressor can be continuously operated for 16 hours.
It is reliable,easy to install and economical.
The piston air compressor has a cast iron compressor pump,totally...
Refrigerated Air Dryer
A refrigerated air dryer lowers the temperature of the compressed air,forcing moisture to condense out.This is called lowering the dew point of the air.This prevents or minimizes further condensation from occurring in...
Air Filter
The air filter can filter out dirt,oil and water.Depending on the type of compressed air filter,we can effectively remove up to 99.9% of these impurities.
This 3 micron pre-filter has a 3 micron ceramic standard compressed..
Guangzhou Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Company Ltd. is the sub-corporation of Broadya(HK) industrial group,established in 1999,and is located in the Guangzhou Panyu economic industrial district,In our 20,000 square meter production department,we specialize in air compressor research,development and manufacture.
Our primary products include the screw air compressor,piston air compressor,oil free air compressor,and air
dryer.With their advanced design,high reliability,low noise,and long life,our air compressors are widely used in industries like power generation,semiconductor,shipping,shipbuilding,oil field,rubber,food,pharmacy,package,
electronic,communication,cement,glass,chemical,textile,papermaking,gas,oil refining,and more.

With our many years of research and experience in this industry,coupled with the use of imported,high-tech equipment from Germany and italy,Jufeng air compressors have  gained popularity in the market.We are proud to provide "Superior quality,competitive price and high-grade service" to our customers around the world.We are also proud that our brand JF,DWT has been awarded" China Famous Trademark".

We have obtained the approval of ISO9001-2000 international quality management system.ISO 14001 Environmental management system authentication,and our air compressors have been CE quality system and UL quality system approved."Quality First,Customers First,Honest and Trustworthy,Satisfied Service" is the philosophy of our company.Domestic and international clients are invited to join us and share in a brighter future.
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